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Volume 19, 2009

The Language Choice Among Chinese-Indian Mixed-Marriage Families in Malaysia
Ainun Rozana Mohd Zaid & Mac Yin Mee

The Use of Quantitative Methods in a Few Case Studies in the Indian Context
Amitav Choudhry

Integrating Cognitive Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching - Historical Background and New Developments
Antoon De Rycker & Sabine De Knop

An Investigation of Learning Strategies & Personality Traits among Proficient & Less Proficient ESL Learners
Christine Shobana Arthur & Ng Lee Luan

English Lexical Items in Chinese Business Advertisements in Malaysia
Kuang Ching Hei, Lau Su Kia Choo, Wee Ling & Asha Doshi

Malay and Cebuano Ditransitives: A Minimalist Perspective
Rodney C Jubilado & Maria Khristina S Manueli

Enhancing Classroom Learning through Computer-Mediated Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback
Ruth Ong Lok Tik & Richard Pemberton

Socio-cultural and Linguistic Incompatibility and Significance of Culture in Second Language Teaching
Sam Mohan Lal

Methods and Procedures for a Systemic Functional Linguistic Analysis: An Investigation into Clause Complexing Relations
Sridevi Sriniwass

Variations in Singapore English a Case Study Based on an Excerpt from 'the Teenage Textbook Movie'
Sri Norazrin Buang

'I will not peace': Language, Power, and the Duchess of York in Richard II
Veronica Lowe

Japanese Communicative Silence Talks in Various Contexts
Wong Ngan Ling

The Spread of Mandarin in Malaysia Evidence in Language Choices in Public Settings
Wang Xiaomei

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