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Volume 16, 2005

Reasons for Language Shift in Peninsular Malaysia
Maya Khemlani David

The Think Aloud Method: Some Concerns Addressed
Vijay Kumar Mallan

Speech Acts and Speaker Intention in the Case Concerning Sovereignty over the Islands of Sipadan and Ligitan
Hafriza Burhanudeen

Brown and Levinson's Politeness Framework and Studies on Politeness in the 1990s
Lim Beng Soon

Malay Sayings as Politeness Strategies
Lim Beng Soon

Word Frequencies and Bigrams in Bahasa Melayu
Zuraidah Mohd. Don & Gerry Knowles

The Role of Languages at the University of Malaya
Choi Kim Yok & Jagdish Kaur

Three Roles of Metaphor on the Interactivist Framework
Mohamad Radzi Mustafa

Contrasting Formulation in Translating French Lyrics into English
Jean Sévery

How Some Bilingual Pre-School Children Negotiate Their Play
Rachel Tan Siew Kuang

An Optimality Analysis of Dual-Edge Dependency in Malay Dialects
Kim, Sung-A

Creative Perception and Language Learning Strategies among Malaysian Form Four Students
Ananda Kumar Palaniappan & Sathiadevi Kansabai Durai

The Translation Strategies and Approaches Used by Translators of Scientific Texts from English to Malay
Kulwindr Kaur

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