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Volume 15, 2003

Cognitive Psychology and Task-based Language Learning
William Littlewood

Peranan Perkhidmatan Awam Dalam Meningkatkan Kedaulatan Bahasa Melayu
Asmah Haji Omar

Language and Linguistics in 2003: Potential Contribute of Corpus Linguistics
Gerry Knowles

Translation in 21st Century Singapore: the Case of Malay-English Translation
Lim Beng Soon

Remun Language Use and Maintenance
Peter F. Cullip

Segmentative Function of Prosody in Discourse
Zuraidah Mohd Don

Parental Responsibilities as Represented in Malay Proverbs
Maya Khemlani David & Faridah Mohd. Noor

An Analysis of Case Particles and Case Functions in Japanese: A Case Grammar Approach
Suraiya Mohd Ali

Theories of Gender and Power Difference: A Discussion
Jariah Mohd Jan

Oral Communications of Speech Language Pathologists in Clinical Setting
Leela Koran

Discourse and Leadership of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad: the Relational Value of Texts to Create Solidarity
Kamila Ghazali

A Study of Penang Peranakan Hokkien
Teoh Boon Seong, Lim Beng Soon & Lee Liang Hye

A Study of Experiential Meaning of Malaysian Lecture Discourse
Tengku Silvana Sinar

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