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Volume 14, 2002

Errors in English; Description, Classification, Explanation and Remedy
Peter G. Sercombe

Individual Learner Differences: The Relative Contribution of Learning Strategies in Language Learning
Rita S. Y. Berry

Why We Don't Say What We Mean: A Study of Verbal Indirection in Communication
Jamaliah Mohd. Ali

Could Onomotopoeic Words Be What Our Ancestors First Spoke'
Mohd Radzi Mustafa

The Use of English Epistemic Modality Among ESL Learners
Subra Govindasamy

Linguistics Politeness in Intercultural Communication in Japanese
Suraiya Mohd Ali

By 'Trial and Error': a Report on a National Survey on the Situation and Perceptions of Court Interpreters in Malaysia
Zubaidah Ibrahim

The Implications of lah, ah, and hah as Used by Some Speakers in Malaysia
Kuang Ching Hei

Malay Idiomatic Expressions: Their Structure and Categorisation
Norafidah Tajuddin

A Think-Aloud Protocol of the Translation Process of a Scientific Text
Kulwindr Kaur

Reference Items in Agricultural Articles
Vijaya Lekshmi Viswanathan

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