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Volume 12, 1999

Bahasa Standard, Dialek dan Dialek-Antara: Beberapa Persoalan Teoretis
Asmah Haji Omar

Malaysian English: Attitudes and Awareness in the Malaysian Context
Umavathy Govendan Nair

Emblematic Codeswitching Represented in Fiction: the Case of the Malay Discourse Markers lah, what, ah
Mohammad Fadzeli Jaafar

Crosslinguistic Influence in the Written English of Malay Undergraduates
Azirah Hashim

Factors Affecting code-Switching: A Case Study of an Urban Family in Petaling Jaya
Kuang Ching Hei

Lexical Transfer between Languages - Enrichment or Erosion: A Study of Some Chinese Dialects in Malaysia
Wong Fook Khoon

Malay Borrowings in the Punjabi Language
Baljit Kaur

Sindhi in Malaysia - Language Maintenance or Language Shift'
Maya Khemlani David

The Use of Kristang in the Portuguese Settlement of Malacca
Mario Pinharanda Nunes

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