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Volume 9, 1995

An Analysis of the Concepts of Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Malay
Asmah Haji Omar

Indirectness in Malay Diplomacy (with particular reference to Business Dealings and Labour Relations)
Jamaliah Mohd. Ali

Code Switching in Malaysian Business and its Role in the Management of Conflict
Elaine Morais

Reading in English for Academic Purposes: A Case of Language Proficiency
Tan Sook Hock

Teaching French Literature in a Foreign Language: A Gap Story
Marie Laure Poletti

The Arabic Mood System; Semantico-Syntactic Observations
Mohamed Said Haded

A Phonetic, Morphological and Semantic Analysis of Arabic Words in Malay
Arif Karkhi Abukhudairi

Effective Communication in Business
Tan Sri Arshad Ayob

Speaking for Understanding: Rules for Teachers
Adrian Johnson

Let's Write it Down, No Let's be Friends First
Dennis Day

Interlingual and Intralingual Communication in Brunei Darussalam; Some Factors Governing Code Choice
Peter W. Martin

Speaking Backwards in Tagalog
David Gill

The Weight of Words
Laurent Metzger

Nenek Tua dan Doktor
Siti Asiah Kencana

Bau Ikan Belut Panggang
Ong Shyi Nian

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