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Volume 8, 1994

Writing English in the Context of Language Policy in Malaysia


Academic and Professional Writing: The Professional Foundations


Developing Writing Skills for Professional Purposes: An Overview


System and Networks: An Ethnographic Case Study


The Nature of the Relationship between Customers and Suppliers of Language Teaching Services in the Business Community: A Case Study of MNMC


A Study of the Macrostructure of Written Proposals by Professionals from the Malaysian Business Community


A Corpus Analysis of Proposals: A Description and Implications


The Notion of Reader Orientation in Business Tests


An Analysis of the Roles of the Facilitator in the Professional Writing Classroom


Academic Writing in Malaysia: An Overview


Titles and Abstracts in Academic Discourse


The Introductions in Medical Research Articles


Non-Linear Text in Theses


Graphic in Physics Research Articles


Description of Problems in Papers Sent to Academic Journals


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