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Volume 4, 1987

Loanwords - Who Need Them
Karl Jurgen Kampmark

Semantic Extensions and Loan Shift Extensions in Bahasa Malaysia Resulting from Contact with English
Carmel Heah Lee Hsia

Fanatic about Phonetics
Loga Mahesan Baskaran

Reading in English as a Second Language: A Review
Safiah Osman

The Use of English Among Sixth-Form Students in Malaysia
Rajeswary A. Sargunan

The Communicative Approach to Language Teaching: Implications for the Teaching of Tamil
Subramaniam Rajagopal

Language Transfer in the Use of Pilipino
Guillermo Q. Roman

Film Translation: Dubbing and Subtitling
Wong Fook Khoon

The Prophet
Khatir Ghaznavi

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